Friday, May 28, 2010


So now it's getting late, for those who hesitate, got no one,
But they don't understand and no one hears the sound,
It's like a waterfall, it's an illusion.

Love is all, waterfall, love is what you are,
Pulls you in, takes you down, it's a sad affair,
But you know as you hold back the power there without the friends
And lovers you could never go on living.

Across the waterfall that's falling evermore down on you,
Cascading through the days, and flowing on it's way,
That's how it has to be, just an illusion.

–Electric Light Orchestra

It's been a while... work has finally picked up... and I am thankful. That doesn't leave much time for photography. Anyway...

I went to Arizona Falls a few weeks ago early on a Sunday morning with the 4x5" camera. It's a very interesting place. I could only spend 45 minutes there and will go back, but these are my first images from there. One is just soft as I was trying to get a certain effect in the water with timing and just couldn't get the depth of field I wanted shooting wide open. I'll try again with a longer exposure and stopped down more.

Arizona Falls #3, by Richard M. Coda, 2010

The other two were from behind one of the falls, each with a different shutter speed. I prefer the shorter exposure (top) over the longer exposure (bottom).

Arizona Falls #1, by Richard M. Coda, 2010

Arizona Falls #2, by Richard M. Coda, 2010

I also took these all in Black & White but haven't developed the film yet. Anyway, it felt good to be under the dark cloth again and hopefully I will get to spend a little more time now that my daughter's school is out.