Friday, June 26, 2009

Guest blog: Michele and Lindsay's Excellent Adventure...

Well, the girls (my wife and daughter) are on a cross-country trip to look at some art colleges back East, and do goofy Americana tourist stuff along the way. Lindsay is keeping a journal with photos of her trip. I've decided to post some of her work here while they are away.

Hey Dad,

We're in Texas, and I found a man already! Just Kidding! After the many hours of our travels, we have arrived in Amarillo. We got through AZ ok. Then we got the flat tire at about 11:50 near Grants, New Mexico. We didn't have to wait long for the AAA man to come. I have pictures as promised. We arrived in Texas 8:00 and got to the hotel at 9:00. I have pictures of the lobby. They have COOKIES! In Texas there are millions of cows. There was this place called Quality Beef. It smelled awful! We are going out to eat now, god knows where. I saw a Hooters across the highway, but I don't think they want us to return. I applied for a job there. I was unsuccessful. Anyway, we have to run. Look at the attached photos.

Lots of love,

So, what does a photographer do when his family is away? Well for one thing I am developing film like a madman. Two 11x14", ten 8x10" and twelve 4x5" so far in two days. The 11x14" negatives are beautiful objects just as they are... I can't wait to print them.

I am also cooking all the things I'm not allowed to eat when the girls are here (not because I can't eat them, because they don't like them). In fact, I am the guest blogger at my cousin's wife's food blog Saturday, June 27. Look for it at Stacey's Snacks tomorrow.


Stacey Snacks said...

See you on Stacey Snacks tomorrow!
and it's not burgers and dogs!

Lori Lynn said...

Love your chicken liver recipe!