Saturday, September 19, 2009

Juan Garcia Exhibit Opening at Photomark

This past Friday I attended the opening reception of my friend, Juan Garcia, at the gallery at Photomark in Phoenix.

Juan is a great friend and photographer. He is particularly drawn to historic mining murals found throughout the mining towns of Arizona, including Superior, Globe, and Miami. His detail shots of these large murals, which are basically outdoor frescoes, serve as a record of the hard life these miners lived, and as a reminder of the glory days of these towns. Most of the murals are in varying states of disrepair currently. Most of the mining towns are just shadows of the bustling boom towns they once were... which is also a blessing in disguise for photographers.

Juan exhibited nine 16x20 prints which all worked very well together as a group. I hinted that this would make a great portfolio in 8x10" size.

Juan Garcia, Sue Reynolds, and Randy Efros

Juan talking with his mentor, Randy Efros, Brett Weston's last assistant

Juan talking with gallerist John Kitts and his wife, Lani.

From left, John Prouty, Tammy Cowden, Juan Garcia, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Slater

Larry Slater saving the moment on his iPhone

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