Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fueling my Photography...

I saw an article in the paper a week ago about this fuel tank farm in Phoenix, and a company called Caljet. They have some new tanks under construction and I thought it might make a good location to photograph. I contacted the owner, Dave, and explained what I wanted to do. Graciously, he invited me down this morning. After getting the tour early this morning I was allowed free roam. Dave is a very nice guy.

It's a very interesting place. The directional morning light allowed for some great shadows on the tanks. I can only imagine what evening light would be like. I hope to go again on an afternoon to find out. Got some very cool "industrial" type shots with rust being the dominant color.

Tally for the day: four 8x10 BW, three 4x5 color, and two 4x5 BW. Nine shots in 3 hours... not bad.

I will post photos as soon as they are processed.

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