Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Halls are Alive with the Sound of Music...

Disney Concert Hall, actually.

I know that ALL Frank Gehry buildings look the same and that this building has been photographed by EVERYONE... but I love the curves and the sheen on this building.

I recently went to Los Angeles on business and I decided that on the way back home I would photograph a few places I had been wanting to. One of them is the Disney Concert Hall. We had been there on a family vacation last summer and took the tour. Even got to see the organist practice. But, I only had my DSLR. So, this time I brought the big boys... used the 8x10 on these four shots.

They day started miserably. I set the alarm for 5:30 so I could shower, check out of my hotel and be at the hall by 7:00 AM. Well, the alarm went off, and then a rain storm started at 5:31. I hit the snooze and went back to sleep. 15 minutes later the rain stopped. I jumped in the shower and hitailed it out of there. I arrived and had the camera set up by 7:30 AM. Just as I was about to expose the first sheet, the guard came out and told me that no professional photography was allowed of the building without consent. I told him I was not a professional. Then he said something about Union rules... I told him I was not a member of ANY union. Then he told me I was on private property and I was more than welcome to photograph from the "sidewalk". If you have never been here... the sidewalk is about 50 feet from curb to building. There are NO demarcations as to where the private property meets the public right of way. He basically pointed "somewhere over there" near the curb. I went about 8-10 feet from the curb and asked if here was OK... conveniently there was a seam there. He said fine. So I recomposed my shot and changed from the 300mm to the 450mm lens to make up for the distance. Anyway, took 3 more shots toeing the line and was on my way by 9:00 AM – by now the sun had become a problem anyway.

Now, as I was packing up I noticed a "mob" of "photographers" across the street. They all had point-and-shoots and cell phones. I guess there was a walking tour or something. There was also a "pro" there, but not part of the group. I started chatting with him... nice guy – Bob Jensen. Visit his website at http://www.bobjensenphotography.com As I pulled away another group started assembling. Must be a regular thing out there. Maybe next time I'll see if I can join in with my 8x10!

Bob suggested I give him a call next time I'm in town to photograph and we can go to a few other places, like Union Station. I can't wait to go back and spend more time here.

More to come from the remainder of the trip home... Salton Sea and Desert Center. Stay tuned.

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