Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hoooorrrrrayyyyy for Hollywood!

Bbbbbrrrrr! We took a short trip to Los Angeles so the girls could see Wicked and to visit the Getty Villa and Museum. We were also able to get Jay Leno tickets... it was a blast.

Anyway, we left right from school, right after Lindsay's last final, at 11:00 AM on Wednesday. It was raining in Scottsdale when we left, but cleared up as we made our way to Interstate 10 in Phoenix. However, around Palm Springs in California, we encountered some very strange weather. It was raining, but we could see snow on the mountain tops to our north. When we started reaching civilization a short time later, we went through a brief snowstorm. We couldn't believe it... the temperature was 33 degrees!

Finally, it warmed up a little and we made it to the hotel. We were running out of time and Hollywood was 35 minutes away in no traffic, and the girls had 8:00 tickets for the show.

We were able to get something quick to eat at Mel's Drive-in and I dropped the girls off at the theater. I decided not to attend as I usually sleep through any type of Broadway-type play. I figured I would photograph Hollywood Boulevard at night. I had hoped to use the big cameras, but it was drizzling, and still cold. So I used my Nikon D300 digital. It was a lot of fun, but Hollywood is so sleazy! Even in the rain. Anyway, I walked around for an hour and a half and photographed whatever caught my eye.

I would really like to come back here with the big cameras when the weather is better and I can take my time... maybe next time I'm out here for business.

More photos will follow after the end of our trip.

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