Saturday, April 11, 2009

Want to Disappear? Let me photograph you!

Something very disturbing has been happening. It seems things in Phoenix that I have photographed have been disappearing!

A few weeks ago I was driving down 32nd St. in Phoenix on my way to the lab to pick up some color transparencies. I noticed that the taco place (below) I photographed last summer has been painted over in an ugly brown-green-black vertical striped pattern.

Last week I had to pick my daughter up from school so I went down 24th St., again to pick up some color transparencies at the lab, and noticed that the pawn shop I photographed last fall was being remodeled. The awnings had been completely removed and as of last week only the image below remained. This morning I was in the area again and the entire building has been completely stuccoed over.

I had thought that this peculiar phenomenon was limited to my color work, but this morning, after running a few errands and heading back to pick up my daughter from her art class I noticed that the Electric Lady Land Boutique (below) on Camelback is now vacant, too. I would now guess that black & white is not exempt, either.

Normally I photograph things after they have already disappeared, but now I find that I am photographing them before they disappear. I hope that I am not responsible for the economic climate in Phoenix!

So, if you ever want to disappear, just give me a call and I'll photograph you!


memorris said...

That's pretty good Rich. I have a similar record only with employers. Every company I have ever worked for has gone out of business, except Motorola, but the facilities I worked at there have been sold off so that is about the same.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter's work looks great soon, I look forward to seeing more. Love the window image here?