Monday, May 18, 2009

Another one bites the dust... again

2504, Phoenix, AZ, 2008, Richard M. Coda

Well, another of my color images has been painted over. This is really starting to worry me now.

This one may not be too bad... they painted it yellow and white. I will go back and re-photograph this one.

I read in the Arizona Republic today (Scottsdale section) that they are having a "south Scottsdale revitalization meeting" this week. Although this image is in Phoenix it is on McDowell Rd. – one of the targets of this "revitalization". I am sure Phoenix is on a parallel track here. I really hope they don't take these lively neighborhoods and wrap them in vanilla. We moved out here because everything was different than New Jersey, where almost everything looks the same. That is starting to happen here now, too, and I'm sure long-time residents will tell me that it's been going on for a longer time than I am aware of.

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Roney Photo said...

That's really too bad about the community trying to re-invent itself by turning itself drab. But hey, those blank vanilla walls will be the perfect canvas for graffiti, which may just make for some good photos. Maybe the city leaders are thinking in that direction? ;-)