Monday, October 5, 2009

Guest blog: John Prouty

John Prouty is a photographer friend of mine here in Phoenix.

By day he is a master woodworker but whenever he has free time he breaks out the 8x10" camera and creates some great photography. John is also an avid mountain climber, having reached the summit of Mt. Rainier twice this summer.

John doesn't limit himself to one particular subject matter and his portfolio is very diverse. Below are some of my favorites, including the "Hole in the Wall", taken in Superior, AZ on one of Rod Klukas' field trips. I have a 16x20 of this in my home. The print has an almost 3D quality to it.

As do all good photographers, John enjoys abstraction, and he is very good at it.

John also enjoys still lifes. Not one of my fortes, but after seeing some of John's work it makes you want to try some. He has a set of prints where he uses old tools and building materials that are very nice. He also puts quite a bit of thought into each composition. The image below is probably my favorite in this series.

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