Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Conscientious | Nothing New Under the Sun?

Conscientious | Nothing New Under the Sun?

Joerg Colberg over at Conscientious has hit it on the head... current contemporary photography is all the same and has all been done before. I don't know what they are teaching these kids in college but if I see one more series of "deadpan" portraits of teenagers or generation-X, Y or Z, taxidermied animals in unnatural or unrealistic settings, out of focus miniature figures, or HDR/InfiniteDOF, I think I will lose my lunch.

At this point photography is essentially dead. And with Kodak increasingly putting more nails in our coffins (film photographers) I may just give it up and try painting or pastels.

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Random Banjos said...

Rich, so this is no different than at any other time. Mediocrity is persistent and perennial. It wins sometimes simply because it is so persistent. But things have a way of balancing themselves out in the end. There is a lot of junk photography that is promoted today, but in a few years, it will be less prevalent.