Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11x14 - Super, man... in Superior

We had a class field trip this past weekend. Started out in Superior for breakfast at the Buckboard Cafe... That's Picasso, I mean Eddie Patelson having his usual pie with ice cream dessert AFTER breakfast! What a guy!

After breakfast we went to Miami... not THAT Miami... Miami, AZ. An old mining town that has definitely seen better days. There are lots of interesting old things to photograph. As soon as I develop my film and scan I will post some images.

After lunch we photographed some more and then headed back home. Along the way we stopped back in Superior to photograph the "wall" with the 11x14.

Taking the big boy out for the first time, with Rod Klukas (left) and Joe Trevino (right).

After setting up the image on the groundglass, inserting the film holder for the first time.

Making sure everything is tight. Click. Done. Now I just have to develop the 154 sq. in. piece of film!

Thanks to my good friend, the famous Larry Golsh for the photographs of this historic occasion.


patra Mach said...
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patra Mach said...

We can see many times interesting old things for photography and that will give us an unique and well-turned view, you have done great work. I just want to say thanks for sharing this post.