Saturday, February 28, 2009

An exercise in composition and color...

We had a class field trip to Miami, AZ last weekend. It was my first time there and I enjoyed the trip immensely.

I started out in black & white and made a few exposures with both the 8x10 and 4x5 cameras. Then my friend, the famous Larry Golsh, started egging me on, "When are you going to take some color photographs, Rich?" He said, "Why don't you take a color photograph of those trees over there?" The location was a bare lot between two old buildings... there once was a structure here but it had been torn down long ago. I looked at the trees, and as it IS winter and they were bare and gray, I initially said no thanks. Then I started looking at the colors "around" the trees. I stared at this scene for what seemed like an eternity, mesmerized by the simple yet incredible colors. The green carpet of clovers and grass was like none I have seen yet in Arizona. As I am color-blind I didn't even know what the color of the wall was. The light was very diffuse and there were no shadows. I thought that maybe this could make a great color photograph.

THEN the composition hit me. I tidied up a few things, removing some errant downed branches and twigs. Then I saw the feather. There was only one and it was originally to the left of the trees. I moved it to the base of the center tree. I set up the 4x5, made one color exposure and one black & white (yet to be developed).

I showed this to my mentor, Rod Klukas, this morning. He asked if he could use it as an example in his "Aesthetics and Composition" class at Photomark next week. I guess it worked out.

Thanks to my friend, the famous Larry Golsh, for making me take this photograph!

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