Thursday, March 19, 2009

Inspirations #5: Clouds

In college we learned about Alfred Stieglitz, and his importance to the history of photography. I was never impressed with his photographs, overall, back then. But I have come to understand why he photographed many of his images. I think that Stieglitz is more revered for the photographers he influenced and promoted than for his own photography. Anyway, here is an image that I was inspired to make based on my understanding of equivalence.

Equivalent, 1930, Alfred Stieglitz

Clouds #28, Pompton Lakes, NJ, 1984, Richard M. Coda

My dad was fishing on the bridge at the end of our street one Fall day in 1984. I went down to see if he had caught anything. It was a beautiful day. I looked up and saw this cloud formation. I ran home, got my 4x5" camera, and set it up quickly. Clouds are easy to focus because they are almost always at infinity. I threw a red filter on and made the exposure. Again, I was drawn to the lines in this cloud more than anything. Oh, and my dad didn't catch anything that day ;^)

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Frank Jump said...

Gorgeous! "It's clouds illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds at all." Joni Mitchell