Monday, March 16, 2009

Tell all the People that you See... Follow Me

OK, I'll admit it... I am a Doors fan. Always have been. I never got to see them live because I was too young. And I wasn't allowed to listen to them (strict father). But I was a fan nonetheless. I finally did get to see The Doors (of the 21st Century) at the Roseland Ballroom in New York before I moved to Arizona, and even though it was only half the band, the show was still incredible.

Before I got interested in photography, and before my eyes went south, I drew. Mostly pencil and ink. Above are a few drawings from the late 1970s. I have not drawn again, ever since I made my first photograph with my father's Speed Graphic in 1981.

Now the fan part. I am looking for followers. I know there are some of you out there... I just don't know who. The first* person to sign up as a follower of this blog will receive a free vintage (printed in 1984) silver gelatin print of Two Trees in Snow, Pompton Lakes, 1984 (image size approximately 6.5x7.75") shown below.

Everyone* else who signs up as a follower before midnight March 31 will be registered in a random drawing for a free vintage print (printed in 1984) of Clouds #28, Pompton Lakes, NJ, 1984 (image size approximately 6.5x8.375") shown below.

I will contact the two winners** for shipping info. Good luck, and "Tell all the People that you see, Follow Me"! (from The Doors, The Soft Parade)

The Fine Print

*Members of Imageworks and Scottsdale Community College LF Photo class are not eligible as we regularly trade prints anyway. Limited to residents of the United States only due to prohibitive shipping costs.

**In the event an ineligible contestant wins, the next eligible person will be deemed the winner.

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