Monday, July 13, 2009


Mural, Superior, AZ, 2009, 11x14" silver gelatin contact print, Richard M. Coda

My first 11x14" contact print! The detail in this image is incredible and clearly cannot be appreciated in this web scan.

I really like working with this format. It's a little cumbersome when exposing the negative, but everything after that is standard operating procedure. I process the negatives one at a time (for now) in a Jobo 3062 drum with no insert, using one liter of chemistry per sheet. The negatives themselves are something to behold. I remember when Randy Efros showed us one of Brett Weston's 11x14 negatives... all I could think of was making my own. Last week I printed my next two 11x14" images. Once I dry-mount them I will photograph them and post them here.

I plan on selling my 11x14" contact prints as limited editions of 14 with 3 artist's proofs. Pricing will start at $400 ($200 below my regular price for 11x14" enlargements) for the first four prints. Prints 5-10 will be $500 and the last five prints will be $750. Buying early in the edition is encouraged.

These images may also end up in portfolios of 11x14" contact prints at a later date, but they will be denoted as such.

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Paul Cocklin said...

Very cool, Richard! I'm thinking of getting rid of my 8x10 and going bigger and smaller. Got a 4x5 enlarger on the way, and once the 8x10 sells I'll be looking for a bigger camera too.

Looking forward to seeing more or your work!