Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Man on the Street...

We have decided to spare no expense to bring you coverage of fine-art events around the globe.

This summer we rented a house in Paris, France and sent our "Man on the Street", the famous Larry Golsh, there for six weeks to report on the Paris art scene. Upon his return we will put him up in a luxurious condo on the 22nd floor in San Diego until we bring him back here to Phoenix in October.

Here's Larry's take on the Warhol exhibit at the Grand Palais.

Just going to the Grand Palais in Paris is a great experience, the building is one of the most beautiful I have visited. The Warhol exhibit is spectacular. The paintings took on a new international look for me. For the first time I realized how important photography was to Warhol. My favorite works were the self portraits and the floating silver clouds.

And what trip to Paris would be complete without visiting the Louvre? Unfortunately the place was mobbed and we weren't able to get many photos as shown here.

During his four month stay in San Diego, Larry will be reporting back to us on the San Diego and Los Angeles art scenes.

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