Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ansel Adams: Discoveries at PHX Art Museum

Michael Pesselato views "Monolith" in its various incarnations.

Last Friday I had the privilege of attending the opening of the "Ansel Adams: Discoveries" exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. Accompanying me were Michael Pesselato, from Phoenix Country Day School, John Prouty, and the Famous Larry Golsh and his wife, Sharon. This was a special opening for museum Circles members and members of our support group, InFocus.

This expansive exhibit was curated by Dr. Becky Senf of the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, where Ansel's archives are located. The usual suspects are present and, in some cases, in forms you may not be familiar with. One of the highlights of the exhibit was Ansel's color work, which is not widely seen. Although interesting, it just doesn't have the impact of his black & white work.

The reception featured wonderful food and drink and lots of photography talk.

The Famous Larry Golsh, Randy Efros, Judy Zuber and Juan Garcia (l to r)

John Prouty, Juan Garcia, Sharon and the Famous Larry Golsh

The "Moonrise" section... negative, straight print, early and later finished prints

There was a video of Ansel in his darkroom.

Some of Ansel's color work, much of it from Arizona Highways.

The exhibit is up until June so I plan on visiting it several times where I can go at my own pace. If you're in the Phoenix area make a point to see this important exhibit as it will not be traveling.

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Katie said...

I'm going to see the Ansel Adams exhibit this weekend. From what I can see in your photos I'm in for a treat. Thanks for sharing and glad to hear it is as good as it sounds. Like you I plan on checking it out a few times luckily I live down the street from the Phoenix Art Museum.