Thursday, February 11, 2010

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker...

Tower Liquors, Phoenix, AZ, 2010 by Richard M. Coda

I remember that line from one of my favorite movies as a child (and as an adult)... Willy Wonka.

One thing that sticks in my mind about that movie is the color... it is everywhere and not shy. Anyone who knows me as a photographer knows that if I shoot color film it has to be ABOUT color. Everything else is a bonus.

While my wife and daughter were at a Reba concert last week, I took the opportunity to try a little night color photography. There are these two liquor stores in Phoenix that have the most amazing colors at night. Tower Liquors (above) has more earth tones and a pastel quality to it. I had tried photographing this last fall with the 8x10" camera and transparency film but was off in my exposure and did not like the result. So I went back last week and tried using 4x5" color negative film to try and bring out the pastel qualities more. I think it worked.

I scouted the other liquor store, The Liquor Wheel, but it was too busy (constant drive-thru traffic) and I'd have to be across the street about a hundred feet away. I could use the 450mm lens to bring me in, but this is also not in the best neighborhood. This store has more cool tones in it and looks like a Christmas tree all lit up. I may try it again with some backup.

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