Friday, December 25, 2009

Guest Blog: Christmas... Lindsay Style

My daughter, Lindsay, is an artist at heart, and a traditional one at that. She loves the Masters and prides herself on technique. She paints and she draws using a variety of mediums. We took her to National Portfolio Days a few weeks ago, and at 15, she received comments like, "If you were a senior showing me this portfolio today, I'd offer you a scholarship right now... wouldn't think twice about it" (NHIA). "A lot of people are going to be after you in a couple of years." (AIBLU) Yes, she is an artist... but put a camera in her hands and she's a completely different person.

We went out to look at some of the larger displays of Christmas lights tonight. Lindsay is a very unorthodox photographer, especially when it comes to night photography and Christmas lights... she uses the camera as if it were a paint brush, creating strokes and abstract compositions, even though she does not like abstract art (yet).

She even got me doing it...

And, here are a few action shots...

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