Friday, December 18, 2009

Guest post: The Famous Larry Golsh

My friend, the Famous Larry Golsh, showed some new prints the other night. He showed two series of three images that were particularly nice.

The first was a trio of images of Ocotillos taken in Ocotillo, CA in the Anza-Borrega Desert. For those of you who have never been, the Anza-Borrego Desert is in southeastern California, just west of the Salton Sea. It is the largest state park in California. It can get wicked hot there as it is not too far from Death Valley and Palm Springs. Parts of it can look like the opening of "The Sound of Music" in Spring, but parts of it look like the moon at times. Ocotillos are native desert plants that can best be described as rose bushes without the roses. Tiny leaves and LOTS of thorns... truly alien looking to the new visitor... and can grow to 30 feet tall.

The next series were images of Paris that Larry took during his stay there this summer. These are crops from 4x5 negatives, which work quite well in the panoramic format. The image of the train tracks is part of a series Larry is working on about the parts of Paris that tourist don't usually see... kind of like the images of Phoenix that I take... things the local passes by and doesn't think twice about.

Nice work, Larry!

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