Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Colorful Past...

Actually, I never really got into any trouble...

After hanging my show at Phoenix Country Day School I took a look at the prints. First thing I noticed is that I had never seen so many (32) of my images up at once. The second thing I noticed is that nine out of the thirty-two images were color, and that I could have put many more color images up. Two years ago, this show would have been all black & white. What happened? I guess the blinders were taken off by my mentor, Rod Klukas.

I had never had great success with color before, especially since I am color-blind to an extent. I did have a rare success once in a while, but until I bought my first digital camera I didn't do much color. So I started thinking back about large format-based film color photography that I had attempted in the past. It does exist, and there are a few good images, but they never made it to a print. Partially because the digital revolution hadn't happened yet and it was expensive and a PITA to get color done. So the transparencies sat in a box. Well, I decided to fish them out and scan a few.

Parking Lot, A&P, Paterson, NJ, 1983 by Richard M. Coda

Pt. Lobos, California, 1984 by Richard M. Coda

Jockey Hollow, NJ by Richard M. Coda, late 1980s

It's hard to say if my vision has changed... I know what I am looking at these days is a lot different than what was available to me back then in New Jersey. These are kind of a mish mosh with no real theme other than color. Just thought it would be interesting to look back.

More Inspirations to come soon.

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