Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures from an Exhibition 2...

My gallery talk at the Phoenix Country Day School exhibit was today. I enjoyed talking with the students, faculty and parents that attended. I have been invited back to do a Photoshop talk next semester with the Advanced Photo students.

Talking with Michael Swingler (Physics) about 8x10" vs. "megapixels"

The lovely Mrs. Michele Coda (left) and friend, Shelly Sherman.

Showing 11x14" contact prints.

Discussing acceptable "manipulation". Michael Pesselato (Art), center-left in blue shirt.

Showing 16x20" enlargements from 8x10" negatives, and discussing
photographing things nearby that are overlooked by most.

Showing an 8x10" negative and discussing my Arca-Swiss 8x10" camera.
Immediately to my left, Dr. Becky Allison (English/Literature) in blue,
and Jenny Treadway (Technology) in peach

My friend, the Famous Larry Golsh and his lovely wife, Sharon, also attended and took the snapshots. Thanks Larry!

Also, thanks to John Kitts, for quick work on matting many prints and getting them all framed on very short order.

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